Stuhlreihen in einem Tagungsraum


Dates and Topics
Stuhlreihen in einem Tagungsraum
Image: Jan-Peter Kasper (University of Jena)

To sign up to one of the conferences please get in contact via the e-mail-adress stated below the respective event.

  • Topography of right-wing extremism (Dresden, 05./06.09.2022)

    The conference will be concerned with different right-wing groups and agents in Germany, Europe and further G7-states. In doing so the dialogue between members of law enforcement and NGOs will be instigated and facilitated. Aim of the conference is the identification of obstacles for the cooperation of law enforcement and NGOs and of new perspectives as well as the conceptualisation of new approaches to cooperation.

    The preliminary schedule can be found herepdf, 235 kb · de.

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  • Hate(-crimes) in digital and analog spaces (Hamburg, 12./13.10.2022)

    The event in Hamburg will address the spread of hate and disinformation in times of digitalization. In particular, the event aims to strengthen cooperative approaches between state and civil actors to strengthen the protection of victims of digital hate speech. Among other things, the impact of the laws to improve law enforcement in social networks will be examined. In addition, the event in Hamburg will address the causes and contexts of racist hate speech in the digital space to identify potentials for prevention, especially in the area of children and youth work.

    The complete schedule can be found herepdf, 313 kb · de.

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  • New alliances? Conspiracy beliefs and right-wing extremism (Stuttgart, 21./22.11.2022)

    Conspiracy beliefs that have gained significance in recent years in the context of different social developments and incidents will be starting point of this conference. Apart from the complex ties between right-wing extremism and conspiracy beliefs, the potential of a joint strategy of law enforcement and civil agencies against these new challenges will be at the center of this event.

    The preliminary schedule can be found herepdf, 103 kb · de.

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  • Law enforcement and civil society against right-wing extremism - Perspectives of succesful cooperation (Berlin, 28./29.11.2022)

    This event will be the conclusion of the four-part workshop series of the project Connect and address perspectives of cooperation between law enforcement agencies and NGOs in the areas of prevention and prosecution of right-wing extremist offences. Apart from the introduction of various cooperation-projects the focus will also be on the efficacy of different approaches to cooperation, which will be the basis for the development of recommended actions for politics and agents in the fight against right-wing extremism. Invited are both national and international guests stemming from civil society, law enforcement agencies, administration, politics and science, who will all provide different outlooks and prospects to ensure a multi-faceted discussion and conference.

    The preliminary schedule will be updated shortly!

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